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Tips To Make Lips Appear Fuller And Plump

Plump looking lips, is a sign of youth ! well in most of the cases. When we get older the lips start to get thinner this is why most of the girls go for lip filler and lip plumpers. But there are makeup tips that can help you get those pouty and fuller lips easily just with few tricks that are easy to do. All you need are some basic lips products, And that’s it!! So, here are tips and tricks on how you can make lips appear fuller and luscious.

Exfoliate the lips!

Exfoliation is really crucial, if you want to make lips appear fuller. Use a lip scrub and scrub the dead skin off the lips. Let us tell you an easy way. Grab some Vaseline and apply on the lips. Take a tooth brush and gently brush your lips. This will help to get rid of the peeling, dead skin and all you get is smoother softer lips, This process will also enhance the blood circulation in the lips, which is wonderful for getting pink lips naturally.

Lining the lips!
Take a lip liner and draw the line slightly outside the edges of the lips but do not go too far with that. Stick to the natural lip line only but just lining little outside it. Once you are done lining the lips, do not leave it like that. Using the same lip liner fill the lips in. Do you know why we do that?
It’s because when you have only lined the outer edges of the lips and straight away apply the apply the lipstick then the lipstick is more likely to get removed and the lip liner peeking through will be awkward. Hence always line the lips and fill it in with the same lip liner.

How to make lips fuller!

 Lipstick Application!
Now, it’s time to apply the lipstick. Apply the lipstick and bloat it with a tissue paper and reapply it. Over the lipstick use a lip gloss with will give the appearance of fuller plump lips like shown in the last picture.
Some Extra tips for lips:
  • If your lips are not too thin then you could just stop after the lipstick application. Or just apply a pale gold eye shadow in the center of the lips to give an illusion of fuller lips.
  • Mature women with thin lips should stick to the lipstick which are creamier in formula and have glossy effects. They can also use gloss over the lipstick. This will make their lips appear fuller and luscious.

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