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How To Apply Lipstick According To Lip Shape

Try Lipstick according to lip shape:

Thick Lips:
If your lips are very thick or your mouth is great-and it bothers you, try using colors of lipstick that doesn’t contrast with the tone of your skin. Example: light-skinned women should wear lipsticks in light shades, close to the skin. Brunettes are abusing the brown tones. The contour of the lips should be subtle and in the same color of lipstick not to further increase the size of the lips.
Thin Lips:
Thin lips-use clear and vivid color lipsticks, preferably with brightness. The gloss is a great option. Avoid dark colors like Brown, purple and wine, which tend to decrease even more the lip. The pencil for lips must be passed in order to extrapolate (somewhat) natural contour, to give the impression that the mouth is greater.

Fallen-Lips occur when the upper lip is more down than the bottom. If this is your case, choose a lipstick color that is not too dark and apply it across the mouth. Then lift the sides with a careful design made with the pencil outline mouth.

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