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How To Apply Eyeliner Properly

We often talk about eyeliner because it is the most essential part of the makeup. If you skip the eyeliner your makeup will look incomplete, which is not recommended if you want to look flawless.

There are several tips and rules which can guide you through the eyeliner application. Some methods of application are wrong and today’s theme will concentrate on the wrong and right ways for eyeliner application. Let’s start with the mistakes:

  • Lining the entire eye is a huge mistake. If you want to look trendy you should follow some rules. Such a rule is to line only the outer halfs of the lash lines and to trace the bottom lash line with only a thin liner.
  • Another mistake that you might do is that you are applying the liner with a hard pencil. First, the hard pencil can damage the fragile skin of the lips and second: the line won’t be applied well.
  • If you need to curl your lashes, do it before the application on the eyeliner, otherwise you risk smudging the liner.
  • Don’t pull the lid while applying the makeup. First, the line won’t be sharp and precise and the other problem is that you will cause premature wrinkling of the eyes if you pull them daily to apply your liner.

And now let me show you one way of liner application which is simply amazing and you will look great every time if you use this method:

  • Apply the color at the top lash line while the lid is lifted and trace only the outer half of the lash line. Start with a thin line at the beginning and thicken the line as you go to the outer corner of the lid.
  • Then trace the bottom lash line with the same color, but cover only the outer half of the lash line and don’t cover the waterline.

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