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Apna Food

Anti Aging Best Tips
How To Look Good In Your 40s
Drink lots of water and green tea

Drink lots of water and green tea, this is best for everyone at every stage of life. This promotes circulation as well as supple skin. Also incorporate microdermabrasion facials into your regime, to help prevent wrinkles.

Healthy diet

This is good advice for everyone. Concentrate on eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats. Staying away from junk foods. Your body wants to eat fresh and natural and look fresh and natural.

Stay out of the sun

Stay out of the sun and apply an SPF 15 lotion regularly when going into the sun can’t be avoided. It will moisturize your skin too, keeping it hydrated and glowing.

Color your hair

Color your hair the right color. Choose a natural color that’s only a shade or two away from your own actual tresses.

Change your face make-up

Change your face make-up to fit your age. Stay away from liquid eyeliner which is cakey on less-than-firm skin. Stick to thicker pencils for that smokey on-the-town look at night. During the day, a bit of mascara and just a touch of eyeliner is more than enough. Don’t wear too much makeup.

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