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                   Antisocial Personality Disorder

Antisocial Personality Disorder Treatment

Psychotherapy is sometimes used to treat antisocial personality disorder. Therapy may include, for example, anger and violence management, treatment for substance abuse, and treatment for other mental health conditions. But psychotherapy is not always effective, especially if symptoms are severe and the person can't admit that he or she contributes to serious problems.

Family Counseling
Therapists who specialize in family counseling may help address the antisocial person’s trouble maintaining an enduring attachment to his spouse or partner, his inability to be an effective parent, problems with honesty and responsibility, and the anger and hostility that can lead to domestic violence. Antisocials who were poorly parented may need help learning appropriate parenting skills.

Cognitive therapy for Antisocial Personality
Cognitive therapy has recently been applied to ASP. The therapist should set guidelines for the patient’s involvement, including regular attendance, active participation and completion of any necessary work outside of office visits. Therapists must be aware of their own feelings and remain vigilant to prevent their emotional responses to their patients from disrupting the therapy process.

There are no medications specifically approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat antisocial personality disorder. Doctors may prescribe medications for conditions sometimes associated with antisocial personality disorder, such as anxiety or depression, or for symptoms of aggression. Drugs are usually prescribed cautiously because some have the potential for misuse.
Antipsychotic medications also have been studied in similar populations. They may deter aggression, but potentially induce irreversible side effects. Tranquilizers from the benzodiazepine class should not be used to treat people with ASP because they are potentially addictive and may lead to loss of behavioral control.

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