Apna Food

Apna Food

100% Working Wazifa For Success In Everything

Everyone wants to know how he or she become successful in every field of life.This wazifa is the king of all wazifas.
You must read it everyday at a set time if possible. If you cannot do it at a set time just read it when ever you can. You can also do it half one time and half another time. Women should continue reading it even during periods (special days). If you miss your wazifa one day for some reason please read it double the next day. You will see its effects after one week. Do not tell your dreams to any one and do not tell people that you are doing this wazifa.

Send all savab/Hasana of this wazifa everyday to Our Holy Prophet (sallal la ho alai hey wa aale hi sallam), Sayyedina Maulana Jalal Ud Din Rumi (Rehmatullah Alaih) and all Ummat. Do a dua after sending the savab. Wazifa will not work if you dont do that.
Wazifa Method!
Darood pak 11 times

Bismillah hir rehman nir rehim 1000 times
Darood pak 11 times
Then everyday do a dua for your wish.
If you have question's regarding this wazifa then please email us or leave us comment with your email address.

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