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Apna Food

5 Best Homemade Acne Clearing Facial Mask

1. Turmeric Face Masks for Acne!
Turmeric powder    ½ tablespoon
Honey                     1 tablespoon
 Mix well and apply for 10 minutes.

2. Gram Flour Face Masks for Acne!
Gram flour                  2 tablespoon
Rose water                  4 tablespoon
Sandalwood powder   1 tablespoon
Gram flour mixed with rose water and sandalwood powder will also form a brilliant face pack for removing all those pimples from the skin and is very effective for oily skin.
3. Coriander Face Masks for Acne!
Coriander paste    2 tablespoon
Tomatoes             1/2
Rose water           1 tablespoon
Blend together to make a paste and then apply the paste on the affected area. Leave it for around 15 to 20 minutes. Then wash it off with water and you will automatically see the acne gradually reduce.
4. Honey Face Masks for Acne!
Honey             2 tablespoon
Lemon            1 tablespoon
almond paste  1 tablespoon
Honey used with lemon and almond paste will be one of the best face masks for acne and will help to remove the scars from your face. 
5. Avocado Face Masks for Acne!
Avocado paste 2 tablespoon
Honey              1 tablespoon
The best possible way of using avocado as a face mask is as a paste. You can blend avocado and honey together to form a paste and then apply it to the affected area.

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