Apna Food

Apna Food

Crispy Roast Chicken Recipe


Chicken          1 and half kg
Vinegar           2 tablespoon
Black pepper  1 tablespoon Crushed
Ginger            1 tablespoon chopped
Yogurt            1 cup
Lemon           3
Salt                to taste
Oil                 2 cup
Gram flour    1 cup


  • Cleaned the chicken pieces, marinate with vinegar for 20 minutes.
  • In the marinated chicken add ginger, garlic, yoghrt and salt.
  • Boil on a low flame without adding water.
  • When water dries then stop the flame.
  • Take out the boiled chicken pieces from the boiler and place them separate.
  • In a bowl add gram flour, black pepper, salt, lemon juice and mix well.
  • Heat the oil into a frying pan.
  • Dip the chicken pieces into gram flour mixture and then fry to golden brown.
  • Delicious roast chicken is ready.

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