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Apna Food

Smoked Chicken Biryani Recipe


Yogurt            2 tbsp for marination
Black pepper  ½ tsp powdered, for marination
Chicken         1 kg, Karahi Cut, for marination
Garlic            1 ½ tbsps, paste, for marination
Ginger           1½ tbsps, paste, for marination
Red chilli       ½ tsps, crushed, for marination


Yogurt                    1 cup for chicken gravy
Biryani seasoning   2 tsps for chicken gravy
Milk                       ½ cup, for chicken gravy
Oil                          1-2 cups, for chicken gravy
Onion                     3-4 pcs large size, thinly sliced, for chicken gravy
Red pepper            ½ tsp, crushed, for chicken gravy
Spice                     ½ tsp, whole, for chicken gravy
Tomato                  4-5 pieces medium sized, sliced, for chicken gravy
Turmeric               ¼ tsp, powder, for chicken gravy


Charcoal               1 piece, smoked, to boil rice
Coriander leaves Handful, to boil rice
Cumin                  ½ tsp, white, to boil rice
Mint Handful, leaves, to boil rice
Rice                     1 kg, soaked as per pack instruction, to boil rice
Salt                      1 tsp, to boil rice

  • Wash the chicken, dry and marinade it into the listed ingredients and keep it overnight.
  • Put a heavy bottom pan on heat, add oil and fry sliced onions till it changes color to golden brown. Take out fried onions on kitchen paper to drain the excess oil.
  • Now make a paste of this fried onion in a chopper machine. 
  • Add marinated chicken into remaining oil and fry till changes color to light brown.
  • At this point take out chicken pieces and fry them on high flame in a separate wok to get a roasted color. 
  • Now place each chicken piece back in the bigger pan.
  • Add sliced tomatoes and cover the lid, so that the chicken can get tender nicely in the tomato water. After 5-8 minutes when tomato water is almost dried up, add a bowl of yogurt with the mixed ingredients from a-e and then cook on high heat till gravy starts leaving oil.
  • Now add fried onions paste and cook on low heat. Don’t forget to keep stirring spoon frequently.
  • Add ½ cup of milk at this stage if gravy looks very dry. 
  • Now add sliced green chilies, dry plums and few of lemon rings to get nice and tasty sour flavor. 
  • Once everything is well mixed, put a lid and leave on slow heat to get excess oil on top (which can be removed from top easily to avoid oily flavor).
  • In rapid boiling water, add soaked rice and salt . 
  • Let it cook till rice are half done. 
  • Add fresh leaves of mint, coriander and cumin here and let it cook with rice.
  • Drain the excess water once rice are done and leave them in a colander.  
Assemble Smoked Biryani
  • In a heavy based pan, heat up 1 tsp of oil. 
  • Now spread a layer of boiled rice. 
  • Spread Chicken gravy layer, cover it with flavored boiled rice. 
  • Use all gravy and rice by making thick layers of rice and chicken gravy.
  • Now mix some yellow food color in 1 tsp of milk and sprinkle on top.
  • Now sprinkle some chopped green chilies and fresh coriander leaves and whole spices on top(optional).
  • Lastly, place a piece of bread in middle of the Chicken Biryani layers and place smoked charcoal here. 
  • Pour 2-3 drops of oil on charcoal and immediately cover the lid (this will add smoky B B Q flavor to the Biryani).
  • Put Biryani pot on light heat on the stove for good 20 minutes.
  • Once charcoaled flavor is settled nicely into the rice, remove the pot from the stove, discard the charcoal along with bread piece and mix the Biryani with light hands Serve hot.


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