Apna Food

Apna Food

Chicken Burger Recipe In English

Chicken breast     4
Egg                       1
Salt                       1 tsp
Mustard               1 tsp 
Red chili              half tsp
Lemon juice         ½ tsp
Mayonnaise         4 tbsp
Buns, warm or toasted 4 
Salad pata            4 
Ketchup                    2 spoon
Tomato slice        1


  • First off all boil the chicken breast well.
  • Marinate chicken breast in mustard paste, lemon juice, egg, salt and red chili powder .
  • Deep fry the chicken breast.
  • Put the chicken in plate take a bun and put mayonnaise and salad leaf on it.
  • Then put chicken breast on it then put cucumber and ketchup on it and tomato.
  • Heat the burger and serve.

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