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Introduction To Psychology 
Psychology is the scientific study of mind and behavior. Behavior refers to every aspect of an organism’s functioning_ overt actions, mental, emotional, and physiological functioning.
Psychologists try to measure and describe behavior in a scientific way. Because behavior is not always directly observable, they must sometime infer the thinking processes, emotions and motivations behind the behavior they observe, using both human and animal subjects to obtain controlled observations.     
Psychology in the Service of Man-Kind!
Psychology is not only a fun but also help us to understand the world around us. Psychology has serious goals, and professional take their work and responsibilities seriously. Psychologists study behavior, gain information about basic behavior processes and about behavior that will help to solve day-to-day problems. Psychology is a problem- solving science rooted in research and scientific disciplines. The aim of a psychologist in all these activities is to be able to predict human behavior and to help people manage it. 

Psychologists Work in A Variety Of Settings!
 Functions of Psychologists In Different Fields!

Clinical psychologist! 

Clinical psychologists reduce the distress and improve the psychological well being of their clients.They work with clients of all ages who have a variety of different mental or physical health issues, such as:

1. depression and anxiety;
2. mental illness;
3. adjustment to physical illness;
4. neurological disorders;
5. addictive behaviors;
6. challenging behaviors;
7. eating disorders;
8. personal and family relationship problems;
9. learning disabilities. 

  School Psychologist!


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